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Jayme and her brother were the first of their family to go to college, and they both attended public schools throughout their childhood. John attended the United States Air Force Academy.

Jayme attended Albright College in Reading for two years before transferring to Arizona State University. She graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Communication with a Telecommunication and Business Management degree.

In 1984, Jayme, an accomplished vocalist, sang at her childhood friend’s wedding, where she met Stamford/Darien native John Stevenson, her eventual husband. Jayme and John married in 1987. Jayme served as Vice President of Asset-Backed Finance at Standard & Poor’s Corporation before leaving New York to raise her five children, Alexandra (32), Samantha (30), Charlett (28), and Mckenna (26), and John (23). Jayme and John are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren.
In 2009, Jayme joined Republicans David Campbell and Jerry Nielsen to run for the Board of Selectmen. The Campbell/Nielsen/Stevenson ticket prevailed, with Jayme as a selectman. In 2011, she was elected as First Selectman, where she remained until her final term, which ended in November of 2021. After a decade of service as Darien’s Chief Elected Official, Jayme did not seek re-election in 2021. She believes in term limits, and without them, elected officials need to know when to pass the torch.

Beyond the daily responsibilities of managing a town of 22,000 residents, she has navigated the pandemic, numerous hurricanes, damaging floods and protests throughout her tenure. Beyond Darien’s borders, she was elected by her bipartisan peers to serve as Chairman of numerous regional and statewide governmental organizations. Jayme understands that her work has been successful, in large part, because she’s developed positive working relationships with her residents, local businesses, and Chief Elected colleagues of both major parties and government and non-profit agencies statewide.

Since leaving office, Jayme has continued to expand her community outreach. She serves on the Board of Directors of LifeBridge Community Services in Bridgeport, which provides mental healthcare support and partners with Bridgeport youth and families to build resilience. Jayme recently joined the Board of Directors of Stamford Emergency Medical Services and has served on the Board of Rowan Center, which offers support and counseling for victims of sexual violence, since 2016. Jayme is an active member of Stamford-Norwalk State’s Attorney’s Community Engagement Board.

My priorities are restoring and preserving freedoms that allow every American to pursue happiness and opportunities to be healthy and productive individuals accepted within their communities.

I will bring bi-partisan solutions to Congress. We must revitalize the employment pipeline, fuel small businesses and invigorate entrepreneurship. This will ensure a stable government and strong foundation for our children’s future.

As a mother of five adult children, I understand the many challenges that face families since the pandemic. We need someone in Congress who will advocate for young people, address their mental health concerns, and protect their safety and wellbeing. 

The past two years have been exceptionally difficult for Americans – someone needs to stand up and say ENOUGH! – we must expect better from our government. Years of bad policies have resulted in historic inflation, a rise in violent crime, erosion of parental rights in our public schools, and a nationwide mental health and fentanyl crisis.  Rebuilding trust and faith in government are mission-critical.

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