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Jayme will be the voice for Connecticut in Congress.

Jayme Stevenson is a passionate and dedicated public servant who has been working to make changes for the people of Connecticut since she was first elected as Darien’s Chief Elected Official. With over a decade of experience, Stevenson ties into all corners of the community because it’s what motivates her job – helping others during the COVID pandemic time or any other crisis! She’ll keep fighting to bring balance to Washington’s hyper-partisan, special interest dynamic.

Where does Jayme’s opponent stand?

Did You Know…


Himes voted with Maxine Waters and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Financial Services Committee 99% of the tim

Himes voted against condemning the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression of ethnic minorities

Himes voted against an amendment that would have prevented COVID money from flowing to companies involved in human rights abuses in China.

Himes Voted against an amendment that would have provided assistance to coastal communities for environmental and flooding mitigation (Including CT-04)

Himes voted against an amendment that would have allowed states to use housing money to help tenants find work 

Himes voted against an amendment that would have used unused COVID funds for school resource officers and mental health counselors, closing gaps in school security, and strengthening active shooter preparedness efforts.

Himes voted against striking funding for the Pelosi subway tunnel in California. This $140 million would have been redirected to support mental health and suicide prevention services.

Himes voted against the Rose Amendment that would have required that housing authorities ensure the housing projects are safe and healthy before receiving funding from the Democrat stimulus bill

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