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Fiscal and economic mismanagement has caused the cost of goods to skyrocket. We need change.

My education and work experience in the financial industry gave me a solid foundation to implement sound economic policy, which is in stark contrast to the current administration.

Americans are seeing the price of everyday goods skyrocket because of out of control government spending. Yet in 2021, Jim Himes supported a $1.9 trillion spending spree which increased the inflation. Then, to make matters worse, Himes supported another blowout spending bill this August. He defended it by saying the Inflation Reduction Act will only benefit families and businesses “in the longer run.” Connecticut can’t wait for the “longer run.” We need real relief now.

The solution to inflation is to stop printing money. The current administration has proven unable to be responsible stewards of monetary policy. When I am in Congress, I will use my experience as a 10-year municipal CEO to review each and every bill and ensure we are fighting, not fueling inflation.