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Pro-choice and Your Voice.

Jayme Stevenson, candidate for Congress, is expressing deep concern over the issue of “pro-choice” being exploited this election cycle. “Pro-choice” is a far more comprehensive issue of women’s rights. Not only is it about a decision to medically terminate a pregnancy, it’s also about supporting a woman’s choice to give birth. In the current election climate, candidates and leaders have turned this issue into a promotion of abortion rather than addressing the spectrum of women’s rights. 

Jayme Stevenson stated the following, “My opponent has had fourteen years to lead the effort to codify Roe v Wade and did nothing. I’d like all politicians and, in particular my opponent Jim Himes, to stop using my body as an agenda talking point to fear-monger and further divide Americans.

“I believe in freedom and personal liberty, therefore, I believe in a woman’s right to make her own decisions with the support of her family and doctor, particulary in the case of rape, incest and health complications. However, the radical, extremist notion supported by democrats to allow abortion up to 37 weeks is deeply troubling to me and most women. 

“This issue belittles women as our bodies are weaponized by politicians to promote abortion, instill fear in voters, rather than champion women’s rights. We moved backwards as Democrats leverage abortion and completely negate advancing congressional action to protect women’s freedoms.

“Women are frustrated and feel our voices no longer matter. I respect and value women making tough decisions every day and taking control of their own lives. ProChoice is about more than abortion. A woman who understands that our rights continue to be infringed upon must be at the table. As a mother to four daughters, I have your back and will be a champion for all women, our rights and our choices.”