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DEBATE: Jayme Stevenson’s Closing Statement

Oct 14, 2022

Final Closing Statement

During my campaign, I’ve spent a great deal of time in our cities and towns and have seen FIRSTHAND the devastation that Mr. Himes failed leadership has caused.

While Jim has been focused on DOING THE BIDDING of his party leaders, our bridges and roads have been neglected,

public housing for the elderly and disabled is in disrepair… residents are often held hostage in their apartments because of broken elevators, and I’ve talked to the homeless individuals who gather every weekend under the Johns Street bridge to get a hot meal from caring volunteers.

CT is dead last in getting our tax dollars back from Washington. In fact, we were the lowest recipient of COVID relief funding in the country.

Jim has squandered his 14 years in office and lost his ability to work with anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Just look at his twitter feed!

His votes have resulted in out-of-control inflation…rising crime & fentanyl deaths…and energy dependence on our enemies.

During my 10 years as a First Selectman, through hurricanes, floods and a global pandemic, Jim Himes never once reached out to me to see if we were ok. NOT ONCE!

It’s time for a REAL change:

I’m a leader who understands how the economy works and will focus on bringing good paying jobs and more of our hard earned money back home.

Receiving the Independent Party nomination reflects my record of working across the aisle and WILLINGNESS to stand up to my party when YOU need me to.

It’s time to elect a Congresswoman who will be a champion for our children, families and small businesses.

I’ll prioritize great education, the health of our children, safe streets and a strong and secure nation.

As a woman and mother, I KNOW what a woman is and WHY it’s so important to protect women’s rights in the doctor’s office, locker room and board room.

Positive change will NEVER happen by electing the same person and expecting a different result.

I ask for your support and vote on November 8th.

Thank you,