" "

Endorsed with 90% of the Vote at the CT 4th District Republican Party Convention:

Bridgeport Republican Town Committee
Darien Republican Town Committee
Easton Republican Town Committee
Fairfield Republican Town Committee
Greenwich Republican Town Committee
Monroe Republican Town Committee
New Canaan Republican Town Committee
Norwalk Republican Town Committee
Oxford Republican Town Committee
Redding Republica Town Committee
Ridgefield Republican Town Committee
Shelton Republican Town Committee
Stamford Republican Town Committee
Trumbull Republican Town Committee
Weston Republican Town Committee
Westport Republian Town Committee
Wilton Republican Town Committee

Organizational Endorsements:

Fraternal Order of Police
Darien Police Association
Trumbull Police Union
Log Cabin Republicans

Individual Endorsements:

Toni Boucher, Wilton, Former State Senator
Alex  Burns, Weston, RTC Chairman
Larry  Cafero, Norwalk, Former State House Republican Leader
Bryan Cafferelli, Fairfield, Easton, Newtown, State Central Committee
Vincent Candelora, Branford, State House Republican Leader
Dionna Carlson, New Canaan, Former New Canaan Board of Education Chair
Jon Cheng, New Canaan, RTC Vice Chairman
Ryan Condon, Monroe, RTC Chairman
Ed Dadakis, Greenwich, Former Greenwich RTC Chair
Laura Devlin, Fairfield, Trumbull, Deputy House Republican Leader, State Representative
Patrick Donovan, New Canaan, Former New Canaan RTC Chairman
Tom Herrmann, Easton, Former Easton First Selectman
Tony Hwang, Fairfield, State Senator
Amy  Jenner, Weston,
Avi Kaner, Westport, Former Selectman
Brenda  Kupchick, Fairfield, First Selectwoman
David  Labriola, Oxford, State Representative
Tom Lombardo, Stamford, State Central Committee
Gail Lavielle, Wilton, Former State Representative
Susan Marks, Darien, Former Selectman
Jim Marpe, Westport, Former First Selectman
Tracy Marra, Darien, State Central Committee
Ray Martin, Easton, RTC Chairmain
Alex  Massaro, Trumbull, State Central Committee, Former Town Council Chair
Ben McGorty, Shelton, State Representative
John McKinney, Westport, Former State Senate Republican Leader, Senate Minority Leader
Monica McNally, Darien, First Selectwoman
Marcy Minnick, Darien, Selectwoman
Anthony Minutolo, Bridgeport, RTC Chairman
Caz Mizera, Stratford, State Central Committee
Kevin Moynihan, New Canaan, First Selectman
Tom O’Dea, New Canaan, Deputy House Republican Leader, State Representative
Cindy  Penkoff, Trumbull, RTC Vice Chairman
Jason Perillo, Shelton  , State Representative
Mike Raduazzo, Ridgefield, RTC Chairman
David  Rutigliano, Trumbull, State Representative & RTC Chairman
Pat Sasser, Stamford, RTC Vice Chairman, No Tolls CT Founder
Tony Scott, Monroe, State Representative
John Shaban, Redding, Former State Representative
Chris Silhavey, Stratford, State Central Committee
John Slater, Bridgeport, RTC
Joe Sledge, Westport, RTC Chairman
Annalisa Stravato, Wilton, State Central Committee
George Temple, Oxford, First Selectman
Peter Tesei, Greenwich, Former First Selectman
Jennifer Tooker, Westport, First Selectwoman
Maria Weingarten, New Canaan, Board of Finance, Founder CT169Strong
Fred Wilms, Norwalk, Former State Representative
Chris  Wilson, New Canaan, RTC Chairman
Terrie Wood, Darien, State Representative
Peter Wrampe, Wilton, RTC Chairman
Jon Zagrodsky, Darien, Selectman

Endorsed by the Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police

"Jayme is our best choice for U.S. Congress." by Monica McNally, First Selectman of Darien

Darien’s own Jayme Stevenson, a candidate for the 4th Congressional District in the election on Tuesday, November 8, knows the issues that concern our residents.  She will be a voice in Congress that speaks for us.

Jayme has done it for us in her ten year role as First Selectman of Darien and working across aisles in her leadership role with the Connecticut Council of Municipalities.  As Chairman of the Western Council of Governments, Jayme showed she can work with small towns and big cities on regional issues.

Jayme’s experience, tenacity, empathy, and core values make her a strong proponent of Darien and Fairfield County.  She loves our town, our country, and our way of life, and she respects our individualism.

Jayme is our best choice for U.S. Congress.

"We Need Leaders Like Jayme Stevenson" by Icy Frantz

I voted by absentee ballot last week in the Republican primary for Congress for Jayme Stevenson and want to share with you my reasoning.

I have known Jayme for over 10 years. She and her husband John raised five children – no easy feat. She was at the helm as First Selectman in Darien for 10 years protecting her community through the COVID-19 pandemic, investing in private/public partnerships that made possible housing, shopping, dining and entertainment projects, establishing natural gas service to her town which brought lower energy bills to families and businesses, and she did all this while maintaining one of the lowest mill rates and supporting one of the premier public school systems in the country. Jayme’s leadership work extended to our Regional Council of Governments and to statewide agencies which makes her uniquely qualified to serve us well in Congress.

Even though the experience she gained in her role as First Selectman of Darien is invaluable, what I really like about Jayme is her commitment to children, education and mental health.
As a mother of five, she understands the complex issues facing our children. She understands what it is like being a parent today and knows that it is not always easy.

As a current board member of LifeBridge Community Services in Bridgeport and an advocate and supporter of Liberation Programs, she has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to successfully help people struggling with mental health and addiction.

She recognizes that when it comes to our children, education, school choice, and mental health, our country and our state are not doing enough to ensure their healthy and successful futures.

One of the best things about Jayme is that she doesn’t sink to dishonest or nasty political banter, and I find that incredibly refreshing. She is happy to share her own ideas, her vision and her experience and that is something I can completely get behind.

Jayme’s track record of collaboration is well known and respected. Her ability to reach across the aisle and connect with people who feel underrepresented gives Jayme a clear path to victory in November.
I hope you will join me in supporting Jayme Stevenson in the Republican primary on August 9, and again in November. By helping Jayme, we help ourselves ensure a brighter future for our children, families, and businesses.

Clearly, we need more leaders in Washington like Jayme Stevenson.

"Worked Closely with Jayme Stevenson" by Peter J. Tesei

I am casting my vote for Jayme Stevenson in the August 9th Republican primary to determine the nominee for Connecticut’s 4th District, United States House of Representative seat.

Jayme and I served concurrently as First Selectmen for our respective Towns and through our municipality’s membership in the Western Connecticut Council of Governments www.westcog.org we worked collaboratively across political parties with the other 16 Chief Elected Officials to address this regions critical issues. “A Council of Governments serves as a forum to promote cooperation among its member municipalities. WestCOG can initiate and implement services and programs as authorized by its municipalities. WestCOG also advises the region on land use, economic, emergency, and environmental planning.”

Jayme served as Chair of WestCog and impressed me with the clarity of purpose and collegiality she demonstrated in uniting a diverse composition of rural, suburban and urban communities. This experience is unique and tailored to the experience an effective Congressman in the 4th District requires to be successful for their constituents. Jayme expanded her leadership beyond the borders of Darien through her active membership as a Board member and First Vice-President of LifeBridge Community Services in Bridgeport. www.lifebridgect.org “LifeBridge believes in the unlimited potential of every child and family in Bridgeport. By providing a combination of behavioral health services, youth development, and asset-building resources for families, our impact strengthens families and our community as a whole.”

At a time when confidence in our elected leaders at the Federal level is waning and our Country is facing a multitude of crises, Jayme Stevenson provides citizens in the 4th Congressional District positive, proven and effective leadership to address issues, solve problems and be present for all of us on the frontline in the District and at our U.S. Capitol.

Please join me in voting for Jayme on August 9th and again in November.

Peter Tesei is the former First Selectman of Greenwich.

"In Support of Jayme Stevenson" by Edward D, Dadakis

To the Editor:

The federal government seems to be slipping away for the average citizen of America and Connecticut.  Democrats from Joe Biden to Jim Himes are embracing a far left agenda which has resulted in run away inflation, soaring gas and electricity prices, an economy in recession and a frightful collapse of America’s regard in the world.

We in Connecticut must do whatever we can to return normalcy to our nation and it starts with defeating Jim Himes as our Congressman.

But we just can’t say the words. Republicans must nominate a strong candidate, a proven leader, someone who knows America is heading in the wrong direction.  And most importantly that candidate must be able to defeat Jim Himes.  That is why I will be voting for Jayme Stevenson in the Republican primary on August 9th.

As a five term Darien First Selectman, Jayme is a proven vote getter.  But she is also a proven leader and not just in Darien.  She has developed trusted relationships with cities and towns in Southwest Connecticut.  They know her and know she will bring common sense and pragmatic leadership to Washington as our Congresswoman.  And that is why she can really win against Jim Himes.

Its time to get America moving in the right direction.  Join me in voting for Jayme Stevenson for Congress in the Republican primary on August 9th.

Edward Dadakis

"Vote for Jayme Stevenson on Tuesday" by First Selectman Monica McNally

Jayme Stevenson, a Republican candidate for the 4th Congressional District in the primary on Tuesday, Aug. 9, is our best chance to have a voice in Washington on what matters most to us.

Jayme led Darien for 10 years in a way that made her name synonymous with expertise. In her role as first selectman of Darien, Jayme extended her hand to helping Connecticut towns like ours through her leadership role with the Connecticut Council of Municipalities.

As chairman of Western Council of Governments, Jayme showed she can work with small towns and big cities on regional issues. As a candidate for lieutenant governor a few years ago, Jayme became well known in state politics.As a candidate for U.S. Congress, Jayme is continuing her roles as a strong proponent of Darien and Fairfield County, and as a practical, hard working, and dedicated representative of core values that make our country the true leader of the free world.Jayme is a great candidate we can all support, and she can win. Join me in supporting Jayme for U.S. Congress.

Sincerely,Monica McNallyEditor’s note: Monica McNally is Darien’s current first selectman.

"Here’s How U.S. Congress Candidate Jayme Stevenson Walks the Walk, Not Just Talks the Talk" by Kelly Scallon

Connecticut needs a winner, and we’ve got one in Jayme Stevenson. Jayme Stevenson’s stellar track record should leave no doubt as to how she will perform on Capitol Hill.

Astute Connecticut residents realize that corruption in D.C. has hit historic and unprecedented levels. The next generation of policymakers will need to be strong leaders, who espouse what is best for Connecticut and the country and who are willing to fight until they win.

Lucky for us, Connecticut has a winner — Jayme Stevenson. During her 10 years as First Selectman, Jayme’s team led the town’s effort to partner with private investors to break ground on three major housing, shopping, dining, and entertainment projects, and directed town services and government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And, she accomplished all this while maintaining one of the state’s lowest mill rates, while supporting one of the premier public school systems in the country.

Jayme made Darien a better place to live. I’ve personally seen this as Jayme supported efforts in securing a safer way for walking students to get to school. Jayme took the time to do the school walk with me at 7 a.m. from my home on a windy and rainy morning so she could see the situation for herself. Jayme has a record of getting in the trenches to understand the issues we face.

Jayme will bring her common sense, pragmatic leadership to Washington as your next Congresswoman. Please join me in voting for Jayme Stevenson for Congress on August 9th in the Republican Primary.

Kelly Scallon

"Let’s support a common sense leader for Congress and get America moving in the right direction" by Dionna Carlson

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, August 9th, registered Republicans have the opportunity to support a committed and experienced servant leader to run for U.S. Congress representing the 4th Congressional District in Connecticut. Jayme Stevenson is that leader. Jayme has proven herself at the local, regional and statewide levels and has developed trusted relationships with cities and towns in the process. With your support, Jayme will lead the fight in Washington to reign in historically high inflation and skyrocketing energy costs, lower taxes, fix our crumbling infrastructure, fund our police, and ensure every child has access to a quality education. Please join me in supporting Jayme Stevenson for U.S. Congress. Polls are open from 6 a.m. – 8 p.m. on August 9th. For those unable to vote on August 9th, you may request an absentee ballot from the Town Clerk’s office. Let’s support a common sense leader for Congress and get America moving in the right direction.

Dionna Carlson

"Jayme Stevenson, Candidate in the Aug 9 GOP Primary, Has the Ability Needed in Congress" by Susan Marks

It is time to send a woman to Washington D.C. to represent us in Congress!! Jayme Stevenson is the perfect woman to do this. Join me on Aug. 9 and vote for Jayme in the Republican Primary!

I have known Jayme for over 20 years and had the privilege to work with her on the Darien Board of Selectmen for six years.

As a municipal and regional leader working in a bipartisan manner, Jayme created public policy, found solutions, and built consensus on issues that positively impacted hundreds of residents and businesses. We need the same sound governance over party politics in Congress.

Jayme has the experience, drive and determination to represent us in Washington, D.C.

Please. Join me and vote for Jayme for U.S. Congress on Tuesday August 9th

Thank you

Susan Marks

"Candidates Like Jayme Stevenson Don’t Come Along Every Day" by Madeline Karver

I wonder a lot how we get the terrible candidates we have sometimes. It is tough running for office. Opponents are terrible, media is more than willing to air all their dirty laundry for no good reason except that it sells, and it is really expensive.

Candidates are usually either in it for the wrong reasons, they’ve been in political office forever, or they are so rigid in their beliefs that they have no idea how to constructively work with people with other points of view in order to get anything meaningful accomplished.

Then someone comes along like Jayme Stevenson. Candidates like Jayme don’t come along very often and when they do I pay attention and hope that people recognize how lucky we are.

Jayme is a normal Republican who values individual freedom over government mandates but understands that it can not be a free-for-all either. She has raised five children and served as the Mayor of a sizeable town for a decade. This is a woman who understands the challenges we face and has navigated them successfully herself. She is soft-spoken yet firm in her beliefs. She does not think that belittling other people raises her up. Jayme is for less regulation, less mandates, less government over-reach. She is for opportunity, helping people achieve their full potential, hard work, and individual freedoms.

There is so much to like about Jayme that I am holding my breath and just praying everyone else sees what I see.

"Jayme Stevenson, Candidate for USCongress Receives Police Union Endorsements" by Cindy Penkoff

One of the factors I take into consideration when supporting a candidate is what does law enforcement have to say about them. So, when law enforcement officials cast their support for Jayme Stevenson, it spoke volumes.

Recently endorsed by Connecticut State Fraternal Order of Police as well as our own Trumbull Police Department, they know that Jayme puts safety above all else. By committing her support to the men and women in blue, she is supporting the safety of all in our communities. Communities where crime rates have increased dramatically the past 2 years.

Police all across our state, are saying, in both word and deed, we need elected officials that support getting us back to law and order. We need elected officials that support our departments with tools and training while eliminating the revolving doors in our court houses.

The vast majority of cops do not do the job for anything other than the love of the job. These are the people running toward danger when the rest of us are running from it. But like all employees, they need to feel valued and supported. They need to know that their job is making a difference and is contributing to the safety of all. Jayme Stevenson provides that support and value and by voting for Jayme, we show that same support.

Be smart, vote smart and let’s get this nation back on course. Vote for the candidates that law enforcement endorses. Vote for Jayme Stevenson

"Please join me in voting for Jayme Stevenson on August 9 and in November" by Amy Jenner

I am writing in support of Jayme Stevenson’s candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives.  Jayme is an experienced leader who has built strong relationships with municipalities in southwest Connecticut. With ten years experience a as First Selectman in Darien, Jayme will bring common sense conservatism and ‘boots on the ground’ experience addressing local concerns.  She uniquely brings an ability to understand, translate and elevate local concerns.

Jayme understands Connecticut’s priorities : we need immediate common sense solutions to government spending, energy policy, infrastructure investments, public safety and education to strengthen our economy and improve affordability.  She is the kind of pragmatist who can bring our voice to Washington.

It’s for all of these reasons that I believe it is the right time and right role for this once in a lifetime leader.  Please join me in voting for Jayme Stevenson on August 9…and in November.

Amy Jenner

"Jayme Stevenson Will Stem the Tide of Crazy Bills Flowing out of Washington" by Pavla Levin

Things are not ok in CT. In February 2019 the sitting congressman for Connecticut’s 4th District, Jim Himes, visited Sikorsky in Bridgeport. To his bewilderment two thirds of the workers were wearing t-shirts supporting the Republicans. Jim passionately spoke about the issues near and dear to his heart, which in his words may have been “a little abstract to those guys”. He didn’t know “what to make of the experience” and his take away was, Democrats need to show economically disadvantaged citizens what they have done to make their lives better. 

Good news for Jim, there was no way but up. In 2019, 10 years after he took office, Connecticut astonishingly still had the same exact number of people employed as it did in December 1989, yes you read that right, zero economic growth. Of course that was before his Sikorsky epiphany. Three years later, how would the hard working folks in Bridgeport rate his performance? In my humble opinion, it wouldn’t inspire a change of attitude. In March 2022, as part of the $1.5 trillion government spending bill Jim helped enact, Bridgeport got $2 million to build Sikorsky a new security fence. It’s a very nice fence, but that’s not all they got. They also got the seventh highest cost of living in the nation combined with the lowest rate of income growth, which is no surprise given the fifth highest cost of doing business. All things considered, they got the third worst economy in the country, and that’s not to say that the rest of the country is booming, the damage from Jim’s congressional votes unfortunately is not limited to Connecticut. 

What else did Jim vote to give us? In the year when we saw the highest inflation in 40 years Jim voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which, according to CBO, will likely increase inflation. In the year when we saw the highest gas prices in history, he voted for the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, whose adverse effects on supply, far from reducing the prices, threatened to make the problem even worse. And in the year that saw the homicide rate go 39% up from 2019, Jim voted for the Mental Health Justice Act, which called for the mental health professionals to respond to the scenes of violent crime in place of cops. To be fair, he also co-sponsored and voted for the Big Cat Public Safety Act, so God willing, we’ll finally be spared the rampant violence committed by large felines.

They say, humor is tragedy plus time, unfortunately with Connecticut families struggling to put food on the table, fuel their cars and heat their homes, we are quickly running out of time and can’t afford to humor Jim HImes any longer. Conservative challenger, Jayme Stevenson, will stem the tide of crazy bills flowing out of Washington and bring back sane economic policy to Connecticut and the rest of the country.

Pavla Levin
New Canaan, CT

"In Support Of Jayme Stevenson" by Peter Wrampe, chairman of the Wilton Republican Town Committee

Dear Editor,

I am excited and proud to support Jayme Stevenson for U.S. Congress.

Jayme’s depth of relevant experience makes her by far the strongest candidate in the Primary and the General Election to have a fresh, new face representing the CT 4th Congressional District in Washington.

Her trusted relationships as a local, regional, and statewide leader motivate her to bring common sense and pragmatic leadership to Washington.

Jayme will lead the fight in Washington to rein in historically high inflation and skyrocketing energy costs, directly impacting food and heating costs of all Wiltonians, protect parents’ rights, advocate for local zoning control and increase funding for public safety.

Please join me in voting for Jayme Stevenson in this coming Tuesday’s Republican Primary to be our candidate for Congress in November’s election for authentic leadership and a better future for CT!

Best regards,


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