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Energy costs are driving inflation, we must bring an all of the above energy approach.

Americans do not need to be told that the cost of goods is rising; we feel it when we buy groceries to feed our families, fill up our gas tank, and pay our monthly utility expenses. Lowering energy costs is an important and effective step to fight inflationary pressures. 

Energy is embedded in the cost of production and transport of goods. Increasing domestic supply will lower the price of gas to fill our cars and heat our homes this winter as well as the price of everyday goods.

In order to increase the domestic energy supply, I support an “all of the above” approach. This means we need a comprehensive energy policy that supports innovation while ensuring an adequate, reliable and affordable supply. Many well-intentioned rules prevent or delay construction, and prevent us from achieving energy independence. As your Congresswomen, I will fight the Biden policy of depleted our strategic oil reserves that create a national security risk.