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We were in a mental health crisis before COVID and it has since worsened; we must get this under control.

In the wake of the pandemic our children have faced unprecedented mental health challenges. I have been an advocate for mental health support and making sure those struggling know they do not need to suffer alone. 

We know that COVID-related isolation has made things worse for so many children and we need to ensure this never happens again. As a parent and your Congresswoman, I will hold accountable any Washington bureaucrats who try to bring back these harmful policies.

We must make resources available for children and other vulnerable populations. We need to ensure our dedicated teachers are trained to spot warning signs and that schools and hospitals have a well-trained, well-resourced staff that can help people get through these challenges.

Fighting for these resources and support will always be my priority and, as your champion for  healthy communities, I will advocate for a healthier America.