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Congress has not taken these crises seriously. I will ensure we get resources to our public safety officers and the border.

We are seeing a crime surge in the cities and the suburbs of Connecticut. We all know the culprit: lack of support for the police and removal of resources.

Every family deserves a safe neighborhood and a safe school. As your Congresswoman, I will ensure our municipalities and the police receive proper resources and training. Our law enforcement officers deserve our support, and I have earned the endorsement of the Connecticut Fraternal Order of Police.

Border Crisis

The crisis at the border is a humanitarian and national security disgrace. We need to ensure our borders are secured. 

Fentanyl and illegal weapons are crossing the Southern Border and making every neighborhood vulnerable to violent crime.  We also know that fentanyl is being manufactured and distributed in a way that targets young children. Himes’ silence on the issue, while serving on the House Intelligence Committee, speaks volumes. Ignoring this crisis puts our entire nation at risk.

When I am your Congresswoman, I will fight to keep dangerous drugs like fentanyl off the streets.