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Restore the deduction for Local Taxes, get your fair share from Washington.

The average Connecticut resident sends $1,614 more to Washington than the services they receive in return, one of the worst records in the country. This has been exacerbated by Congress capping the state and local tax deduction (SALT). Congress had two opportunities to amend this disparity felt by Connecticut taxpayers, but our Congressman, Jim Himes did not fight for us. He campaigned on this issue and promised to fix SALT, but then failed to act when given power. 

As your next Congresswoman, restoring a deduction for local taxes will be the first bill I introduce. Connecticut residents and businesses send too much money to Washington and it’s time for a change 

As a municipal CEO for 10 years, I worked across the aisle to get things done for Darien and I will do the same in Congress. I will always fight for local control and for your tax dollars to be spent at the local level.