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[Video] Stevenson Receives Official Nomination of the Independent Party

Sep 1, 2022


(Bridgeport, CT) –  Yesterday, Jayme Stevenson received the official nomination of the Independent Party that gathered in Bridgeport to designate a candidate for U.S. Congress in the upcoming General Election. 

In a brief presentation Jayme addressed the caucus and shared some of the following remarks:

“The people of the 4th Congressional District deserve to have another choice.  For those whose values are not aligned with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, the Independent Party gives all of us a chance to be heard through our vote on the ballot.  I’m a moderate Republican, fiscally conservative and socially more liberal. I believe I have the values and cross support of the people in our district to win in November.”

Lisa Brinton, member of the Independent Party State Central Committee, representing the City of Norwalk stated, “I’m pleased Jayme received the Independent Party’s endorsement.  She’ll help amplify election reform issues we care about.  As a woman, she’s a team player, pragmatic, pro-choice and pro-Connecticut, especially on everyday issues impacting the 4th Congressional District like transportation, mental health and affordability.

“I like her.  She asked for our support.  She’s committed to common sense reform on a host of issues not party demagoguery and she’ll work twice as hard to make things better.  It’s what women do. We need a representative who will support the cities and towns in the district, not another politician pushing national party agendas on cable news.”

Jayme Stevenson stated, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Independent Party. Now, voters in each of the 17 towns in our district, from Bridgeport to Greenwich and Shelton to Ridgefield, will have another choice, an independent choice. I have a track record of working collaboratively to create solutions and results that work for our region, this is what Connecticut needs in a congressional leader to address the challenges that we face as a state, and a nation. I will be that voice for the many that are feeling disenfranchised or simply want a government that works for them.

“My personal and professional beliefs are focused on doing what is RIGHT for our children, families and businesses, rather than following party lines.  This nomination is very special, because I feel that I have been recognized for the ideas and values that matter to the people in our district.”